The value of stuff

Try selling stuff and it soon becomes apparent that your stuff isn’t worth much. It’s so easy to think “but I spent x$ on this so it must be worth at least half x$.” But that’s not the way it works.  It’s a sobering experience to discover just how little you get when selling stuff second hand. Your stuff is only worth something if someone wants it.

granite tor

We discovered this trying to sell up before moving overseas. A lovely solid pine dinning table sold for 1/30 th of its original value, while no one even wanted a set of lime green luxa bowls in perfect condition.  The minute you purchase something the value plummets.

The upside is this means if you actually need something it’s easy to buy top notch stuff  for only a song if you buy second hand.  It also means there is no need to waste money on storing stuff or insuring it as the cost of storage or insurance might far outweigh the cost to replace it. (Although I wouldn’t recommend not insuring your house or car!)

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