Geez youse guys have lotsastuffs!’ Our four-year-old neighbour said as she surveyed our house. We had two backpacks stuffed with clothes, two bicycles two musical instruments and a second-hand Macintosh. ‘And you should see what’s in storage back in Australia!’ I muttered.

Inspired by my Pacific Islander neighbour, back in Australia I tried unsuccessfully to pare back my stuff. However it wasn’t until many years later when another overseas trip motivated me to actually get rid of my stuff, well some of it.

I am interested in exploring the boundaries of  how much is enough – not too much, not too little. In the words of Goldilocks I want to find out what is ” just right”.  I think its intriguing the way we hang onto stuff and why we do it. In my blog I look at strategies for paring back your stuff in order to have more time and space to do the things we really want to do. I also look at the environmental impact of having all these stuff.

As well as being an aspiring minimalist I’m an environmentalist, writer and artist.  I’m the author of Green is Good – Smart Ways to Live Well and Help the Planet (HarperCollins) and I also write for a number of magazines and newspapers including Australian Geographic, Australian Women’s Health, and Sydney Morning Herald.



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