Are garage sales worth it?

Well we did it- we had a garage sale! After weeks of culling stuff I was desperate to get the stuff out of the house.

It was a stunning sunny Saturday morning and we had a slow but continuous stream of customers.

It was fun. We met the guy who is a “completest” when it comes to CD collections, two sisters who were delighted with my collection of odd envelopes, and a nerdy teenager who plays the trombone and liked our classical CDs .

So was it worth it? In the past I would have said it wasn’t – too much time for too little reward. It’s true we hardly made any money. But it didn’t take that much time – just the time to walk around the neighbourhood to put up posters (and remove them), plus the time on the day. We even found new homes for some of our stuff  (although we still had two car loads to take to the op shop!).

But I enjoyed myself. I had a relaxing, chilled day, sitting in the sun and reading the newspaper and best of all meeting our neighbours.  It was worth it.

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