Are garage sales worth it?

Well we did it- we had a garage sale! After weeks of culling stuff I was desperate to get the stuff out of the house.

It was a stunning sunny Saturday morning and we had a slow but continuous stream of customers.

P1000375It was fun. We met the guy who is a “completest” when it comes to CD collections, two sisters who were delighted with my collection of odd envelopes, and a nerdy teenager who plays the trombone and liked our classical CDs .

So was it worth it? We hardly made any money and it did use a morning of my precious time.  But I am surprised to admit I enjoyed myself. I had a relaxing, chilled morning, sitting in the sun, reading the newspaper and meeting my neighbours. We even found new homes for some of our stuff  -although we still had two car loads to take to the op shop!.

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