Eliminating clutter fast

I have been decluttering for many years so I was amazed to find I could easily meet Courtney Carvers challenge of finding one hundred things in an hour.


After setting the timer for one hour I quickly found 75 items. But then I slowed right down reaching 97 things in an hour. The last three  items were quite a struggle but I got there in the end.

So what did I find? There was a bit of linen which we accumulated after moving overseas and our shipping didn’t arrive for three months. A few items of clothes, some of which I intend to sell. A bit of excess crockery and jars, earings and a few items to recycle.

Depressingly I didn’t manage to get rid of much art and craft material which is still the area which needs the biggest room for improvement. I think that’s because it required a bit of thinking.

What I really liked about the clutter burst was I did a little tidy up as I went along – I sorted out my herbs, consolidated business cards and put buttons back in the sewing basket.

Now I just have to get the stuff out of the house! Most of it can go to an op shop but I want to give the good bedding and towels to the local refugee centre. There are a couple of things to sell too.




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