The joy of moving

Moving house strikes terror in most peoples hearts. It’s just so stressful! In fact it’s rated up there with death and divorce as one of life’s top stressors.

london cab Umberto

But what if it were easy to move? Would we still get stressed? Last Sunday we moved house. It took half an hour to pack, and and twenty minutes in a cab and we were in our new home. It was the cheapest and fastest move I have ever made! And it wasn’t stressful.

To be fair it was easy to do in the UK because rental houses come furnished. What a smart idea. I wish they did  that in Australia. Still we didn’t have many personal effects and I used to have a lot of those.

When I first started this blog six months ago there was no way I could have fitted all my personal stuff into a car or even two small mini vans. This time we moved, we fitted two peoples stuff plus one bicycle and one person into a British cab. The other person rode their bicycle to our new home.

Image:Umberto Rotundo Flicker


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