Must a minimalist wardrobe be boring?

Whether you are a tribal chief or a New York fashionista it’s human instinct to decorate yourself, so why is it that so many minimalist bloggers have boring wardrobes? OK, a fair few are blokes that seem to prefer a functional, backpacking wardrobe consisting of jeans, a couple of neutral t-shirts and khaki pants. I could manage this for a six month trip but not for the rest of my life! Others take the easy way out by buying everything in  black – sure everything goes, but it’s oh so boring! Is it possible to construct a fun wardrobe without buying hundreds of pieces of clothes?


I went to check out  that 80s concept – the  capsule wardrobe.  A great proponent of the capsule wardrobe is Chata Romano who describes the concept in her book  Plan Your Wardrobe . The fashions are a bit dated but the concept is still sound. Here is an example of how twenty items give you sixty outfits. All you need is a coat, 4 jackets, 9 tops, 4 bottoms plus three pairs of shoes, two bags and two belts . With clever colour and pattern selections the choice is endless.

Obviously those who live in extremely cold climates will need a few more pieces, but if you live in a mild climate it’s probably enough, especially if you choose trans seasonal pieces. It’s still a pretty minimal wardrobe by most peoples standards but a lot more fun than just wearing black!

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