The Big Purge

“Really, how much stuff does one really need?” I muttered to myself in exasperation as I carted the 145th box up the stairs of my new home.

It all started out so innocently, years ago, when as a university student I starting compiling lists of things I wanted such as a camera and a matching pair of large bath towels. In those days all my stuff fitted into a single small car.


Recently we moved house but this time it took a 4 tonne moving truck – not to mention numerous extra trips in the car. Admittedly in my university days there was no furniture or kitchen stuff, but even excluding those, there is no way I could fit even just my personal books, art materials, papers and clothes into a car – not even a people mover!

While I had attempted to prune down our stuff before the big move – really I had just been fiddling around this edges. It’s now dawning on me that I need to take radical action. This blog is about my journey to to minimise my possessions and live a more sustainable life.

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